Swish (the wishing fish)

Designed and created for Maitland’s 2021 New Years Eve celebration.

A re-imagined interactive sculptural object made of recycled materials and covered with recycled mixed materials / household waste, reminiscent of a goldfish (from the children’s book ‘A fish out of water’) to be used to engage the local community in thinking about and contributing thoughtfully to the ‘wish cycling’ recycling process.

“Everyone LOVED the concept”

To ‘reflect’ the complexity of the recycling process, our wishing fish ‘Otto’ ‘skin and scales’ could be ‘covered’ with shiny, metallic items that can be collected via council kerbside collections (yellow bins) — eg: aluminium trays, steel cans and trays — and items that are commonly used but cannot be collected via council kerbside collections and may need to go in general waste or to a collection point — eg: foil-lined packaging, bags and lids; soft plastics and wrapping paper, netted bags; pharmaceutical packaging; aseptic packaging etc.

… especially with an added Bubble Machine as an interactive activity!

Design Process

the fish

*An existing frame could be added to (using a suitable material eg: lightweight steel/bamboo) to form the structure of the head, fins and tail of the goldfish, allowing the form to sit on the ground. To allow for easy transport and on-site assembly, the form could be made in several sections and attached on-site.

*cited from the proposal document

*The frame could then be painted (gold metallic)/ covered with an up-cycled mesh (wire or plastic)/stretch fabric to create a ‘fish skin’. Layers of metallic ‘scales’ made from a mix of collected aluminium / foil packaging*(see footnote at the end of proposal) could be draped over the skin with drapes of gold and orange painted plastic and glittering fabrics extending from the fins and tail to make the object more engaging and visible from a distance.

the bubble machine